What does a good digital marketing expert need to know?

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What does a good digital marketing expert need to know?

To be a good expert in digital marketing

A professional who is an expert in digital marketing must gather a range of knowledge and skills that will allow him to help the company. Not only with the problems that they have at that time solving them and carrying out tasks that allow to improve, but also thinking about future actions that allow the company to continue its development in the digital field.

To be a good digital marketing expert you need specialized training within this discipline.

Let’s take a look at all that knowledge and skills that a digital marketing expert should have. In case we are a company and we are thinking of hiring a professional with this profile, we would be clear about what we need. In case we are a professional and want to become an expert in digital marketing, we will be clear about what we need to be attractive to companies and that they hire us.

Mastering the foundations of digital marketing

Digital marketing has become a consolidated area within the world of marketing in general. Today we can recognize that there are a number of bases that any digital marketing professional will have to deal with in the day-to-day of their work.

SEO, SEM or Email marketing are some of the tools the marketing professional must handle in their day-to-day

SEO: Search Engine Optimization is surely one of the pillars of any digital marketing strategy. Google remains the great dominator when it comes to web traffic and therefore the development of positioning strategies is key for a digital marketing expert.

SEM: Search engine advertising like Google is one of the tools with which a digital marketing expert can consolidate a company’s success. Having knowledge in this area will allow you to develop campaigns with which you can start to achieve results almost immediately.

Email marketing: Although many people took email for granted as a marketing tool years ago, nothing further from reality. Email marketing remains one of the best tools that digital marketing experts have to be able to reach customers and potential customers with the right messages.

Social networks: Social networks are the perfect platform to find our target audience today. A digital marketing expert must master both the work of Social Media Management, i.e. the management of presence and strategies in social networks organically and also advertising on social networks. Advertising on platforms like Facebook or Instagram is as much or more relevant today in the digital space, as search advertising is something that a digital marketing expert can’t afford to know about.

These are the foundations of the world of digital marketing, there are many other branches that are also very important but generically we are talking about the large internet channels to develop marketing strategies that allow companies to achieve success.

In any case, it’s not only enough for a digital marketing expert to master these areas, it also needs to be constantly updated.

Facebook Ads has become one of the favorite ad platforms for small and medium-sized businesses

Permanent update

The digital world is a changing world and any digital marketing expert has to be fully aware of it. The rise of social media that we live in today was not something we had only 5 or 7 years ago and yet today Facebook Ads, for example, is one of the favorite advertising platforms of small and medium-sized companies.

Not because it’s a whim of these companies to develop their presence in Facebook Ads, but because it generates very good results. We have to take into account these kinds of peculiarities to never fall behind, but also not to obsess over new platforms that may never generate results.

Digital marketing is mainly based on taking actions, analyzing their results and making decisions based on those results.

Analytical ability

One of the key points of any digital marketing expert, to greater than knowing perfectly tools to carry out concrete actions, is to have the ability to analyze what he is doing.

Analytical capacity is key as digital marketing is primarily based on carrying out actions, analyzing their results and making decisions based on those results. Decision-making is key to optimizing the campaigns we run and trying to improve them to achieve better results and lower the spending we’re doing on those campaigns.

Without this analysis we would never really get better, nor would we get a positive return on investment. The work of the digital marketing expert is mainly trial and error, so this analytical part is certainly key for any digital marketing expert.

digital marketing analyst
Analyzing digital marketing data is a fundamental task

Strategic recommendations

But a digital marketing expert is not just a performer, but has to propose solutions at the strategic level as well. Among the work done by a digital marketing expert is to define the target audience to which the campaigns that are carried out will be directed, even going so far as to define the buyer, a detailed profile of how the ideal buyer of the company is.

This type of work allows the whole company to be able to orient themselves to the digital field in an appropriate way. If the company does not have a professional expert in digital marketing, all the steps that are taken will be false, since they must be done in a coordinated and strategic way.

The digital marketing strategy tries to put all the elements of the company in common, product, personnel, services, to define a path in the digital realm that allows to value everything that has, channel it through specific campaigns that arrive to the target audience and then analyze the results generated to improve continuously.

digital marketing specialist
The digital marketing strategy marks the way forward

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