Importance of Digital Marketing and SEO strategy

Importance of Digital Marketing and SEO strategy

Importance of Digital Marketing and SEO strategy

You still don’t know the main reasons why digital Marketing is the best ally of any entrepreneur? Know some of the strategies to be able to attract new customers for your online business and the real importance of Digital Marketing and a good SEO strategy.

Every day, more companies and organizations move to digital media, since they have detected the future of both information and the management of goods and services.

However, develop an online project, it goes beyond the creation of a web page. It requires a series of strategies that guarantee online presence and encourage traffic to page visits.

The following lines briefly explain why Digital Marketing is the best ally of every entrepreneur, initiating an introduction to the SEO concept and its importance for the success of any blog or website.

What is digital marketing and why is it so important nowadays?

Digital Marketing or Online Marketing encompasses various techniques and strategies that guarantee the acquisition of a status on the Internet, as well as brand awareness. Basically, its function is the same as any marketing campaign focused on offline companies, but in this case, and worth redundancy, online.

Digital Marketing strategies

Inbound Marketing is a non-intrusive methodology in which the customer is contacted amicably from the beginning of their purchase until the end of the transaction, subsequently loyalty.

By creating a portfolio of loyal customers, which means that they provide personal data such as your email to receive news, you are aware of all the company’s communications. In addition, this is interesting in order to generate a feeling of partnership with the company, since, through promotional codes, raffles and exclusive news, it will be possible to continue wanting to receive messages.

Beyond Email Marketing, tools such as Mobile Marketing have been developed, which adapts its content to Smartphones.

Within the Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing stands out, which implies that based on the knowledge of the public’s behavior of a brand on the Internet, content appropriate to their preferences is developed, so that it is attractive for the loyalty of potentials customers.

Among other important concepts, the next ones should be highlighted:

  • Growth Hacking: It consists of the distribution and redefinition of products, so that they reach a greater number of potential customers.
  • Affiliate Marketing: A website, called “affiliate,” includes links from an advertiser. Through this traffic redirection, the affiliate earns a commission and the advertiser, meanwhile, pays the affiliate only if this result occurs.
  • Relational Marketing: Not only seeks to attract customers, but loyalty. To do this, actions such as personalized emails, discounts and close treatment are implemented.
  • Social Networks: Through the correct use of Social Media, it is possible to access a greater amount of public, interact with it more closely and promote products and news as a blog.
  • SEM: This is the use of search engine sponsored ads campaigns, as would be the case with Google Adwords.

How does all of the above influence web positioning?

Any strategy that attracts traffic to the website helps improve the position on the Internet, as long as it is natural and friendly with organic search engines.

Obviously and as stated in the beginning, the development of a web page transcends simple creation through a content manager, that is, if the page is not optimized for SEO, all efforts will be of no use.

When the services of a SEO expert are contracted, what is expected is the development of an On Page and Off Page strategy. So when customers arrive at the page attracted by all the aforementioned components, they are left by the experience offered by the website (nice design, consistency and order on each page, good loading speed, etc.).

Once familiar with the page, it would be when the Inbound Marketing strategies are launched, closing the loyalty cycle and thus increasing the client portfolio.

As Google is a changing terrain, web pages require maintenance in order to not descend positions in the Page Rank, therefore, having the contact of a trusted SEO company could help us a lot to stay in the first positions of the search results, consolidating the brand awareness and the correct approach to customers.

What do you think? 😉

Alex Romero – Digital Marketing Expert
Marketing Digital Malaga

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