10 digital marketing trends for 2021

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10 digital marketing trends for 2021

The world of Digital Marketing evolves hand in hand with technology, so every day we find news of the marketing that we can apply in our digital strategies. In this article, there have been collected 10 digital marketing trends for 2021.

Fast Content

The use of smartphones has grown exponentially, if we attend studies such as those of the Association for Media Research we will be able to observe how more than 90% of internet users access the Internet through their mobile device, and already 37% of users l or uses as the main network access device. This fact has great implications for a user, who seeks with his mobile to access content quickly and easily. We carry the Internet and this invites us to connect almost constantly, in fact we use it while performing other activities. This is known as “fast content”, and some platforms already offer these content: Facebook and Instagram Stories, or Google’s AMP Stories.

What are the challenges of fast content for businesses? From a business point of view, we need to focus on creating quality content quickly. On social media, consumers are exposed to content overhead, so highlighting is no easy task. To do this we must bet on creativity, synthesis and the use of light technology. That is, create ephemeral, engaging and interactive content for the user.


Streaming and programmatic campaigns have led to a revolution in video content. This revolution will continue its steps during 2021, which thanks to Stories and The Snack and Bumper Ads will offer a chance for brands to differentiate theself in the network.

Snacks Ads are videos of less than 10 seconds that are born in the face of the user’s inattention. The 10 seconds are the result of a Curtis Tredway studio that keeps the audience of a video keeping all the attention for the first 10 seconds, after 20 seconds lowers their attention and so on until at five minutes only 9% of the audition they audition he keeps paying attention.

Bumper Ads come from Google to enhance this brand, allowing ads up to 6 seconds long to maintain viewer retention. The format of these ads allows you to reach more customers and present a short and easy-to-remember message for the user.

Voice Search

Technology advances and seeks to mimic human behavior, and there is nothing more natural than communicating by talking. So it’s no wonder that Voice Assistan like Alexa or Siri has appeared in most of our homes. Comscore estimates that by 2021 50% of searches will be done by voice, so companies have a new challenge: What will our sound brand be like?

 Visual Search

E-commerce will see a breakthrough in artificial intelligence technology during 2021. Online stores evolve and present the Visuar Search, an image search. Fashion applications like Mango already have this service. If you liked a set you’ve seen on Instagram you can take screenshot and upload it to the app. With this simple Mango gesture you will recommend similar products and you can buy the whole look with one click.

Messaging and Chatbots

Interacting with the user has become a requirement for any marketing strategy. Therefore, developing a fast and quality service through messaging applications or chatbots is one of the key challenges this year. Apps like Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp Business help you manage business, from activities to support the customer, using the app to make promotions, or research your users. On the other hand, Chatbots allow you to automate repetitive tasks, people prefer conversation to relate, with fewer interfaces in between. Integrating a chatbot with your business messaging app is definitely a way to increase your sales and keep the user loyal.

Social Shopping

Social media has ceased to be simply a showcase for the company to become a more social ads feature. E-commerce should not lose sight of a growing trend: social shopping is being normalized, highlighting Instagram Shopping, increasingly used by brands.


The flywheel aims to make the traditional conversion funnel obsolete, and its creator Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot presents a circular process where the consumer is advancing around three concepts: desire, attraction and engagement. Flywheel marketing puts the customer in the middle of this circular axis, it is the center of strategy from the first moment. It seeks to have brands interact with the customer from the beginning until after the purchase, fidelizing them from the first contact.


Why microinfluencers? These profiles have communities of specific followers with which they have a direct and personalized contact, that is, they have a higher quality audience in a specific niche and generates more confidence in the brand. Studies such as the IAB confirm this trend, in which 60% of marketing professionals in Spain use microinfluencers in their campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is one of the challenges for 2021 and data supports it, it is known that the costs in the generation of leads decrease by up to 25% with this technique. The next question is where to apply it, or the areas where to apply this tool are mainly the generation of engagement and machine learning (lead nurturing and lead scoring). Your mailing campaigns, user engagement, or customer targeting will benefit from automation.

digital marketing automation

Context marketing and native advertising

Context marketing has been developed with technology, and allows to impact the user with the right content, the right time, and above all, the right user. To do this we must know our audience and as a company learn to manage the data in order to offer a greater customization of the contents that we send to the user.

Native advertising on the other hand will continue to have a pull, but ensuring transparency to the user. The content presented to the user must be creative and useful, so that it does not reject advertising and creates a good brand image that adds value to your search.

These are 10 digital marketing trends for 2021. Do you miss anything?

What do you think? 😉

Alex Romero – Digital Marketing Expert
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