Amazon Business. Yes or No?

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Amazon Business. Yes or No?

What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business is revolutionizing the way companies meet their purchasing needs. For many small businesses, finding suppliers can be a frustrating task and time consuming. Finding the best product, at the best price and with the best payment terms can become a challenge, especially when there are many more things to do. This is the solution to this problem, providing features designed to help companies save time and money.

How does Amazon Business work?

Amazon Business is a new solution, designed by and for companies, that offers the selection, comfort and quality that millions of customers around the world enjoy at Amazon, but with additional features tailored specifically for companies. These benefits include the display of prices without VAT and automatic invoicing related to VAT on millions of products, multi-user corporate accounts and tools for expense management. Save time and money by choosing from a wide variety of products and suppliers with competitive prices.

Variety, quality and convenience: It simplifies the entire purchasing process for companies by helping them find, compare and buy exactly what they need with flexible payment options and fast and reliable deliveries. It is a shopping experience that Amazon customers will immediately recognize and understand. And, in addition, it includes functionalities specially designed for companies.

Useful purchasing tools: It provides users with greater control over purchases, offering approval processes, VAT-related billing policies and expense management. There are also tools that allow integrating existing purchasing systems and obtaining detailed analysis and statistics of orders.

Free accounts: Unlike other services, Amazon Business accounts are free and multi-user. Once the account is registered and verified, holders can search among the millions of products in the Amazon Business catalog with the possibility to choose between multiple vendors.

My conclusion

This is a good tool for business owners because it helps save time in purchasing processes.

What do you think? 😉

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