Web design. How to start?

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Web design. How to start?

Below, I list some of the things to consider initially, before getting down to business with the development of a new website.

What should be considered before launching a new website?

  1. Why do I need a new website or change the current one?

    For example: Do I want to improve my corporate presence or have a new sales channel on the Internet open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

  2. What are my expectations with the new website?

    For example: Do I want to increase my online sales by 30% in the first year?

  3. How do I think it will affect my business?

    Think about the processes and logistics you will need to serve the new online customers that will access your business.

  4. To what extent will I promote products or services in the near future?

    For example: Am I going to publish your prices and contact details, or am I going to have a fully automated online store?

  5. Do I want to interact with visitors to my website? How?

    For example: Am I going to put in a simple contact form or am I going to allow my clients to chat directly with me to consult topics and thus be able to attend to their needs at the moment?

  6. What are my competitors? What am I currently doing to excel?

    It is very important to have current competitors located in the same niche and market.

  7. What websites, images, types of web are the most attractive to me?

    Do I already have an idea of what kind of web and graphic design I would like to have?

  8. What are the products and services that I am going to promote on the web and the average profit?

    It is especially important to be clear about this issue, because it will allow us to calculate the expense that we can afford in web development and in campaigns on Google or Facebook, taking into account the expected return from the online sale of our products and services.

  9. Do I want to sell locally or expand to other geographical areas?

    Since you have this new powerful sales channel. Consider expanding your sales area to customers from other countries or languages.

  10. What budget do I have to develop the new website?

    You should think about what budget you are going to allocate to your website taking into account that it will be your main image and showcase from now on.

  11. Can I count on an annual game to stimulate it and promote it on the Internet?

    The new website requires online marketing techniques. SEO positioning and dynamization in social networks make it as searchable as possible by potential customers.

  12. When do I need a first version of the new website to be operational?

    If you need to have your web portal running fast, don’t be overwhelmed. It is best to always start with a first version of your website that will grow as features are added. That first basic version will be able to start working reasonably soon.

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The website of a company is its main showcase, visible from everywhere, 24 hours a day

These are some of the first questions to think about at the beginning of a web project, but it is very normal that, as the result of the new website is seen, you are thinking of incorporating greater functionality and more possibilities to this vital sales tool for your company.

What do you think? 😉

Alex Romero – Digital Marketing Expert
Marketing Digital Malaga

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