Digital Marketing Manager. What is it?

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Digital Marketing Manager. What is it?

Today, nobody doubts that sales are produced online. We buy in Online supermarkets and compare the products from the comfort of our home and we recommend our friends about the latest mobile phone model we have bought or the restaurant we have visited in the different social networks or forums available.

We are all connected and are all prosumers of a hyperconnected world in which more and more often the client arrives at the company and knows more than the commercial that assists him, because he has already compared the product with those of the competition, because he has researched and done his homework to succeed in the purchase he wishes to make. 80% of the sale was previosly made. When that customer decides to go to the company, the customer only expects the commercial to give him the last push and find nothing that will take him back in his (almost already made) purchase decision.

In this context that I comment, the figure of the Digital Marketing Manager appears in the company. But what the hell is that? It is a new specialized profile that combines technical, strategic, commercial and artistic capacity (almost nothing), and has the main objective of putting the company in front of its customers in all digital channels where they are located. In reality, not at all, only in the most strategic ones for the company. 😉

What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?

Well, what does a Digital Marketing Manager do in his day to day? We could summarize it in the following points:

  • Plan and execute all digital marketing, including SEO / SEM, marketing database, email, social networks and graphic advertising campaigns.
  • Design, build and maintain the presence in social networks.
  • Measure and report on the performance of all digital marketing campaigns and evaluate according to the objectives (ROI and KPI)
  • Identify trends and knowledge, and optimize spending and performance based on knowledge
  • Conduct brainstorming on new and creative growth strategies
  • Plan, execute and measure experiments and conversion tests.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to create landing pages (landing pages) and optimize the user experience.
  • Use a strong analytical capability to evaluate the end-to-end customer experience across multiple channels and customer contact points
  • Instrument conversion points and user funnel optimization
  • Collaborate with agencies and other provider partners.
  • Evaluate emerging technologies. Provide thought leadership and perspective for adoption when appropriate.

A bit of everything! As it looks.

As you might expect, companies that take their sales seriously know that they cannot trust these tasks to people without enough experience, training and capacity. (Please, nothing to put the nephew to manage the web and social networks)

Well, you now know something more about what a Digital Marketing Manager is.

Surely I have left many things in the inkwell. What is your opinion?

Alex Romero – Digital Marketing Expert
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