How to set up a Digital Marketing Team?

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How to set up a Digital Marketing Team?

Assembling an effective digital marketing team can seem like a difficult task. In fact, many times the difference between success and failure of digital marketing is having the right people on your side. A little planning and a little creative thinking is all you need to build an impact team.

In this post, I outline the essential roles that make up a successful digital marketing team and the functions of each.

What profiles do I need in a digital marketing team

Project manager

He is responsible for meeting the different needs of many departments, and prioritization is often a big challenge. Marketing teams are very scattered.

The project manager serves as the liaison between the digital marketing team and the rest of the organization. Half of this role is managing the team, while the other half is managing all the incoming requests from the other departments, making sure everyone gets what they need. It is very important that the digital marketing team be agile in the execution of the different actions, for this, it will be very good that this project manager is a scrum master.

Digital Strategist

Impact marketing starts with a good plan and a solid understanding of who your audience is and what matters most to them.

But as the team creates content and supports initiatives, it’s easy to lose sight of the broader marketing and business goals. This is why a digital strategist is so important.

The digital strategist is in charge of:

  • Identification of buyer personas
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Understand keyword opportunities
  • Establish key success metrics
  • Ensuring that all marketing activities align with broader business objectives
  • Measure and optimize content for performance
  • The digital strategist should serve as a brand editor, making sure everything posted checks all those strategy boxes.

Content writer

All the marketing planning and brilliant ideas won’t make the slightest difference if you don’t have someone talented to create the content.

It’s best if you find a diverse writer who can create all types of content outlined in your content marketing strategy, including:

  • Blogs
  • Website content
  • Automated email copy
  • Sales Pages
  • Closed parts such as e-books and white papers

Content writers must have extensive SEO knowledge and be skilled at writing in multiple voices for a variety of audiences.

Graphic designer

Flashy visuals are no longer a “nice to have” thing. They are fundamental to the brand and necessary to eliminate digital noise. Images help your audience understand and remember your message more effectively than text alone.

Every piece of content you create should have a design element. While you may be able to work using stock photos, if you want custom design elements, you will need a professional graphic designer. If you are looking for a unique project, such as an ebook or infographic, you can collaborate with a freelancer.

SEO specialist

If your content is not discoverable in a search, it is likely not found at all. In fact, many users do not go beyond the first page of search results. This is why an SEO specialist is critical to digital success.

The SEO specialist ensures that all digital content is optimized for search, updating issues such as headlines, image alt text, and metadata for optimal ranking. They are also in charge of owning and updating SEO and keyword strategies and conducting SEO audits to identify existing content that needs optimization.

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The SEO specialist is essential in the digital marketing team

PPC Specialist

In almost all areas of marketing, promoting content and advertising is a critical element for success. Tools like Google Ads are tremendously powerful to generate traffic and increase the audience.

But they also require a lot of monitoring, updating, testing and optimization. It is very beneficial to have someone dedicated to this role.

Front-end developer

While this may seem like a “nice to have” feature, a front-end developer can be an incredibly helpful resource.

Front-end developers are adept at creating calls to action, creating landing pages, implementing structured data, and designing and creating the forms and pop-ups you’ll need. 

Email Marketing / Marketing Automation Specialist

Effective email marketing and marketing automation can be big business involving:

  • Database management
  • Smart audience segmentation
  • Strong lead scoring and engagement strategies

Social media manager

If your audience is active on social media, you also need a social media manager.

Social media is not just a place where people share memes and photos of their children. It’s a place where your brand can use its own content (and curated content) to engage with your audience on a personal level.

It is also a very important customer service channel. If people aren’t satisfied with your customer service on social media, it could alienate some of your existing customers.

A customer- and audience-centric social media manager could be one of your best customer retention assets.

social media manager malaga
Social networks allow you to interact with your audience on a personal level


While these are all essential roles and responsibilities of a digital marketing team, few organizations have the resources or need for dedicated people in each of these roles.

Depending on the size and strengths of your marketing team, think of ways to combine two or more of these features to ensure you have a comprehensive approach to your digital marketing efforts.

For example, your content creator might be an ideal social media and community manager. It has a close relationship with the content itself, as well as a deep understanding of who the audience is and what they value.

Similarly, your project manager could also be a perfect strategist. He is deeply in tune with the needs of the organization, as well as the overall business goals that the marketing team supports. He knows the priorities of the company and can help translate that into a strong content strategy for the rest of the team.

To effectively combine these roles, just think about the strengths of the people on your marketing team and how they align with the needs and functions of each role.

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