How to do social selling on LinkedIn for B2B sales?

social selling b2b linkedin malaga

How to do social selling on LinkedIn for B2B sales?

The modern consumer is independent and informed. You likely use social media to research products and make recommendations, and according to Hubspot, 74% of B2B buyers do more than half of their research online before making a purchase or contacting a seller. With social shopping becoming more and more common, why wouldn’t you want to be where most of the decision-making process is happening? This is where social selling comes in.

What is social selling?

In social selling, sales teams use social media to connect with potential customers and provide value to them. Think of it akin to cultivating leads, in the sense that your goal is to engage buyers in the long term. And this commitment is definitely worth it. A LinkedIn study indicates that 78% of social marketers (social sellers) sell more than their colleagues who do not use social networks. The immediacy of social media can help you actively communicate with your accounts and monitor your prospects for opportunities that indicate when is a good time to communicate. This will give you a better idea of ​​when the follow-up message you want to send will be well received. Social selling helps you connect with your prospects and stay relevant by creating and maintaining relationships.

social selling b2b linkedin malaga
LinkedIn is a great platform to do social selling for b2b sales

How do I do social selling?

It’s about making connections and sharing quality content. Content tells stories and can harness that potential for emotional impact to support and enhance your sales efforts. According to LinkedIn Sales Solutions, 92% of B2B buyers relate to sales professionals if they consider them to be industry leaders. Demonstrating knowledge and sharing insightful opinions is a great way to distinguish yourself as a trusted source. Be sure to:

  • Identify your goal and which social media platforms to use.
  • Create your professional brand. You must be knowledgeable and accessible.
  • Create original content and share supplemental content from other trusted sources to affirm your credibility.
  • Engage your audience. Positioning yourself and interacting as an expert in the industry will keep your services on the minds of your clients.

Always keep in mind that your potential customers will appreciate knowing if you can provide them with information or knowledge that can help them in their business.

And you, do you regularly use LinkedIn to boost your B2B sales efforts?

Alex Romero – Digital Marketing Expert
Marketing Digital Malaga