SEO audit. What is there to analyze?

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SEO audit. What is there to analyze?

The goal of the SEO audit is to discover the reasons why an SEO campaign is not performing to its full potential. The company’s website and marketing will be analyzed at all levels, and finally practical suggestions will be provided that will increase organic search traffic (if all actions are executed correctly).

Below I list some of the analyzes that are necessary to perform in any SEO audit worth its salt.

1. Keyword analysis for business

It is about locating the most relevant words for the business considering their number of searches and the difficulty of their positioning.

There are 3 possible categories of keywords:

  • Transactional keywords: They are very important since they are those that are very close to the purchase of a product or the contracting of a service.
  • Informative keywords: As their name indicates, they inform about a product or service. They are close to conversion.
  • Navigational keywords: These are usually more generic words with a very high search volume. Although it is more difficult for people who come to our website to convert, we can achieve great visibility with these types of keywords.

A good SEO strategy will be one that combines these three types of words to get the largest possible number of leads or contacts and conversions or customers.

If the website is new, it should target long-tail keywords. They are faster to position.

2. Competitor analysis

Here are some of the reasons to analyze your competitors’ SEO strategies:

  • To see if a keyword is too competitive
  • To find new keyword opportunities
  • To see what types of content are working well
  • To find interesting link opportunities
seo auditor malaga
Competitor analysis provides very important inputs for any SEO audit

3. Technical analysis

The objective of this analysis is to identify technical problems that affect the user experience and the performance of a website for the search engine. Some technical aspects to consider:

  • Web loading speed
  • Mobile adaptation of the web
  • Keyword cannibalization
  • Possible redirect problems
  • Correct indexing of the website
  • Possible duplicate content
  • Internal linking study
  • Are URLs seo-friendly?

4. Page level analysis

The goal of this analysis is to ensure that each landing page is targeting a set of keywords effectively. The quality of the content and the optimization of each page should be examined.

You need strong content that adds value and effective SEO optimization to drive traffic across different search engines.

5. Content analysis

The purpose of this analysis is to determine whether the current content strategy is working or not. And what needs to be improved to get more out of the content.

Content analytics should explore both keyword-targeted landing pages and any blog content that has been published. The content must be useful and informative.

6. User experience analysis (UX)

The objective of this phase is to see how users interact with the content and the website in general.

Some of the data to examine in the user experience analysis are:

  • Bounce rate
  • Average time on site
  • Achievement of objectives
  • Exit Pages
  • Recurring visitors
  • Direct brand searches
  • Social signals

7. Link analysis

Backlinks can make or break an SEO campaign. That is why a large part of the SEO audit is dedicated to analyzing the client’s link profile.

We will analyze the following factors:

  • Relevance of the links
  • Link authority
  • Diversity of links
  • Objectives of the links
  • Diversification of anchor texts
  • Number of referring domains
search engine optimization malaga
A good link building is essential to improve the search engine positioning of a website


In this post some of the analyzes included in a good SEO audit have been mentioned. The desired objective is to get organic traffic in the main search engines, following the rules of their game. From now on, Good SEO I wish you!

Have you already carried out a complete SEO audit in your company?

Alex Romero – Digital Marketing Expert
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