The Digital Marketing Congress in Malaga

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The Digital Marketing Congress in Malaga.

The city of Malaga lives a permanent idyll with new technologies and digital marketing. The most important digital marketing congress in Málaga is eCongress Málaga, the largest event on ecommerce, social media and digital marketing in southern Europe.

eCongress, which celebrated its seventh edition this year, filled again with experts from the sector and entrepreneurs the Palace of Fairs and Congresses of Malaga. The appointment was last Saturday, May 18, where more than 3,700 attendees and 120 professionals have already given lectures.

How could it be otherwise in an event in which social networks are an essential tool, eCongress19 with 20 million hits on Twitter (via Tweet Binder) and was a national TT shortly after starting the event thanks to the activity of the attendees present and the followers in social networks, who were actively interested in everything that happened both inside and outside the Auditorium of the Palace of Fairs.

A Digital Marketing Congress: An opportunity for small and medium businesses in Malaga

The objective of the congress of digital marketing in Malaga is to provide digital entrepreneurs with new marketing formulas and strategies that improve their competitiveness and allow them to meet the demands of the market. To do this, through the scenario of the 7th eCongress Málaga, 11 speakers of the highest level rose to give us their experience in the field:

  • Ernesto Caccavale: current director of 2Open-China ecommerce, and former development director of Alibaba, the Chinese online distribution giant.
  • Luis M. Villanueva: SEO director in Webpositer
  • Carolina González: head of RRSS of the presidency of the government
  • Gemma Muñoz: co-founder and CEO of The Art of Measuring
  • José Facchín: co-founder of Webescuela
  • Javier Muiña: head of social media at Ikea Spain
  • Daniel Moreno: senior ecommerce manager of NH Hotels
  • Marian Canalda: Social Media Manager of Socialmood
  • Lara Isabel Rodríguez Zapater: influencers marketing in ESL
  • Carlos Molina: CEO of the Tidart agency
  • Juan Manuel Ramírez: Chief Planning Officer at McCann

The conferences were held in morning and afternoon sessions with a very participatory audience that enjoyed all the talks in a frantic pace to have a more productive Saturday.

Training workshops

The presentations of eCongress19 were complemented by practical training workshops, which allowed attendees to acquire new knowledge and apply them immediately. Specifically, they offered 4 workshops:

  • Diagnosis of success in digital environments
  • How to optimize the loading times of your website
  • How to manage advertising on your website or blog
  • Keys to boost your online advertising and grow on Google and Facebook.

All workshops were taught by professionals with a long history in digital marketing and were open to participation.


Congresses and events are a good opportunity to establish contacts with colleagues by profession, which can later materialize in business opportunities. This is what we know as networking and is always present in the eCongress Málaga calls.

See you there next year in this awesome digital marketing congress in Málaga? 😉

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